LED lights

For homes

With our products you can grow your favourite flowers and plants anywhere at your home: in dark corner, north-oriented room, attic, in the hall without day light, even under stairs. You can create your own indoor garden and enjoy fresh herbs, chili peppers, lettuce, purple or strawberry all year round.

For offices

Create an unrepeatable place with a pleasant environment and bring a bit of a lively nature into the interior. You will see how your colleagues, employees and clients will appreciate it and will be more motivated to work better.

For public places and for gastro-sector

Every good cuisine should be based on the freshness that the customer can perceive with all his senses - taste, sight, smell. You will not need to take care about buying fresh herbs and salads, chilli or strawberries yellowed salads and herbs everyday and then through it away at the end of the day because you use every day just how much you really need! You are saving money, saving environment and getting added value from the pleasant environment in your restaurant, bistro, café or other.



Plants are used for different purposes inside; to create a pleasant atmosphere, to get leaves or fruits for the kitchen, to clean the air or to create privacy. But with the grow light, you can also prepare seedlings or cuttings, germinating plants, growing and harvesting fruits or enjoying the flowers. Finally, in the hobby greenhouse you can extend the growing season and collect the crop throughout the year.

Grow light in our products is created by unique combination of different light spectrum that the plant perceives and is able to prosper thanks to photosynthesis. Our products are based on LEDs with a wide range of light that comes close to natural sunlight. In this light, the right combinations of colour spectrum combine to initiate and maintain the growth and flowering process of plants. Adding colour spectrum creates "warm" white light, which is more natural to man than classic artificial white light.

The blue spectrum promotes green mass formation (plants need it especially in growth, rooting and spreading), the red spectrum in turn affects bloom and reproduction. The white spectrum is pleasant for the environment and keeps the plants in good condition. The right combination of the blue and red spectrum - rose-violet light, can be achieved by extra ripening of vegetables or plant growth in places without outside light. By combining colours, you can create your own light recipe for specific seedlings. This way you can create your own spring, summer, autumn or winter whenever you want.


The technology used has many ways to use it both at home and outside:

  • o Germination of seedlings and cuttings
    o PGrowing of vegetables, fruits, herbs or decorative vegetables
    o Create an atmosphere of light and promote the growth and flowering of room plants
    o Growing of exotic plants
    o Extension of the gardening period in the hobby greenhouses


LED light with its features is a sustainable light source and efficient in energy consumption. All our products are made of high quality materials and easy to clean.



We have solutions for all applications that are ready for use - from the decorative LED reflector to the practical lighting of interior gardens and greenhouses.


1    iSUN – for indoor growing in pots

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2    bulbs for standard lamps E27

 02 0102 02

3    Minifarm – for herbs and indoor plants up to 40 cm high

 03 0103 02

4    Eco-Natura – room devider for herbs, salads, vegetable and indoor plants up to 40 cm high

 04 0104 02

5    Lucis - ideal germination lamp for seedlings, and cuttings.

 05 01

6    Tera - is strong enough for a small greenhouse, it can be used for germinating seeds with high light demands, or grow plants with higher light demands, or do the research.

 06 0106 02

7    Linear Spot – green wall lighting or lighting in plant stores or darker spots

 07 0107 0207 03

8    Trolley kit - a semi-professional plant factory for restaurants, schools, universities, hotels or for anyone who wants to grow seedlings or clones.

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