Heaters for agriculture

HTT s.r.o. supplies quality and efficient heaters from the company Biemmedue, which are used in agriculture, as well as breeding.

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These fix or suspended space heaters solve numerous problems in heating structures such as greenhouses and stalls, where an inexpensive investment is a priority.

In general, these heaters have hooks or brackets for installation on the ceiling and/or a support for installation on the ground. The burner can be integrated or separate. Heaters with integrated burner are not recommended for use in spaces that are dusty, dirty, or low in oxygen, whereas those with separate burner can be used in these types of spaces provided a sheath is connected to the burner with a snorkel intake to pull in fresh air from the outside.

The heaters are made from long-lasting components and you can choose from various types the one that best suits your needs. You can find more details in the catalogue.





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