Turnkey projects and professional consultancy in greenhouse and foil tunnels construction


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The company HTT s.r.o. provides turnkey execution of greenhouse or foil tunnel projects, as well as expert consultancy in greenhouse and foil tunnel construction from the first drawing to the final installation. Based on experience with proposal, projection and construction of greenhouses, we will process your initial proposal, detailed calculation, as well as final project for the construction of greenhouses designed for production of various crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, salads, flowers, garden plants, herbs, etc.). Furthermore, we will oversee the realisation of the complete greenhouse building project. This process is complicated and an experienced project manager can achieve its completion without unnecessary delays or cost increase. This service is provided by our company, which cooperates with renowned suppliers in the area of greenhouse construction and latest technologies supplied for greenhouses.


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What services do we offer?

  • Greenhouse / foil tunnel draft and initial calculation
  • Final technical project
  • Management of the whole project life cycle from preparation works until the successful operating of greenhouses, warranty and post-warranty services
  • Execution of the whole construcion from preparation phase up to greenhous / foil tunnel final approval
  • Consultancy during the whole life cycle of the project starting from ground works to launching of the greenhouse / foil tunnel operation

Why us?

  • Experience with projecting and building greenhouses (30ha of greenhouses) and foil tunnels (... ha of foil tunnels)
  • Personal approach and professional consultant services directly on ground
  • Cooperation with important greenhouse technologies suppliers ensures innovative and tailored solutions

Our partners:

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Alcomij develops and manufactures high-end horticulture solutions; steel greenhouse structures and smart aluminum greenhouse roof-, wall- and heating systems, flower trolleys and mobile benches.





Priva lead the way in the development and production of technology for the optimization of environmental conditions and process management. The company provide solutions for horticulture, building automation and anything in between with a unique combination of software, hardware and services.



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Anima Trading & Consultancy is a company delivering projects, installations and products for the gardening segment.



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A thriving company operating on the market with 17 years of experience in the assembly of greenhouses.
Offer of services:
- Installation of a greenhouse construction
- Glazing of roofs and walls
- Construction of halls
- Rainwater drainage from the facility (drainage)
- Installation of speed door



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Cultilene operates in more than 50 countries and supply the best solutions when it comes to substrate and greenhouse glass. Solutions that provide consistently excellent quality and which are tailored to the company and growing situation. Cultilene is committed to sustainable food production. Only if we use the available resources economically will we continue to be able to supply people worldwide with food. The goal is to offer solutions to realize maximum food production of maximum quality with as little water and energy as possible.


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FormFlex is the absolute global specialist in the development and manufacture of growing gutter systems and was one of the forerunners in on-site profiled growing racks, growing systems and growing gutters. For over 20 years, FormFlex has been providing a comprehensive range of gutters for various types of crops. In close consultation with growers and suppliers, we are continuously developing new solutions.


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Genap is the specialist in the field of foil structures and foil applications for the horticultural and agricultural sectors and for civil engineering infrastructure projects. Customised foil structures are produced at our factory in 's-Heerenberg in the Netherlands, where we also have our own laboratory and research & development department.


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Bogaerts specializes itself in turn-key logistic and harvest solutions for today’s professional greenhouse industry and has become one of the leading companies in development and manufacturing of machines and accessories for industrial greenhouse cultivation on the international market. Thanks to constantly innovations Bogaerts is one of the most influential companies in the business. The target is to lighten the work in the horticultural industry, by developing sustainable solutions and find smart solutions for business automation, to lower production cost and create a positive economic climate.


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MATYLA has been present in the market since 1994. It provides assistance to partners in the scope of preparing and implementing the investments, as well as delivery of materials and equipment. Thanks to preparedness, wide technology facilities and social backup and profesionality, the company is reliable partner in the investment projects in all parts of Poland and also abroad.


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ALWECO stands for smooth-running projects, meeting deadlines and always having a specialist on the line if you have any questions about the screen installation. They ensure that the best possible screen system is installed in the greenhouse. Design, installation, renovation, we have a solution for any construction, anywhere in the world. Our systems are reliable and, of course, we can also be called upon for service and maintenance.


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