Installation of drip irrigation and antifreeze protection for orchards, vineyards and fields

Our company offers solutions to the problems associated with lack of water during some months of the year, and on the other hand, with sudden frost during the flowering period, which has caused serious losses of crop over the past years. Drip irrigation ensures that water and nutrients are delivered directly to the roots of the plants – exactly where it is needed, how much is needed and when it is needed. This increases harvest on the one hand and reduces the risk of weather changes on the other hand.

We will prepare drip irrigation fitted for your needs, from first calculation up to its installation and launching. We also provide services connected with operation of drip irrigation and its servicing and we supply individual components for irrigation. We cooperate with the renowned Netafim, a global leader, who also provides expert advice on solving your problems.

We provide realisation and sales of:

  • drip irrigation and underground drip irrigation - we supply single and multi-year hoses UniramTM, Dripnet PCTM or StreamlineTM
    • With integrated drippers
      • Non-Pressure Compensated pipes suitable for growing vegetables
      • Pressure Compensated pipes – TurboNetTM deliver a uniform flow rate even in areas with difficult topographical conditions
    • On-line drippers - button drippers, arrow drippers

  • irrigation with sprinklers

SpinNetTM– dedicatedly designed to operate in upside-down stands, suitable for greenhouses and foil tunnels
MegaNetTM - sprinkler suitable for orchards, vineyards, gardens, green zones etc. It provides stable operation while maximizing water-distribution uniformity. It also provides effective protection against spring freezing for fruit growers, vineyards, forest nurseries or garden centres, GiroNetTM – the robust solution for orchards, vineyards, gardens and green zones irrigation on flat terrain
CooNetTM – elimination of farm animal stress through aerosol. It delivers micro-sized droplets, ensuring uniform distribution and efficient cooling or humidification.

  •  other irrigation components
    • Filtration systems – automatic or manual filters
    • Pumping equipment – pumps for wells or self-priming pumps





Our partners:

logo mom

M.O.M. Moretto Officine Meccaniche S.A.S. is an Italian company specialized in the production of innovative agricultural machinery for more than 15 years. Their machines for laying and retrieval of drip tape for irrigation systems provide significant savings in labor costs, simplified work processes and reduced costs. Thanks to high-quality material, this technology ensures safe laying and extraction without damage.


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