HTT s.r.o. - Horticultural Technology Trading

We are a fast-growing company in horticulture bringing the best solutions for farmers. We focus on crop production in greenhouses and foil tunnels and drip irrigation.

Horticulture is a part of agriculture that is constantly developing and bringing new possibilities for crop production and new technologies development. New challenges as climate change, needs of fresh and local fruit, vegetable of high quality and safety and also the need to protect our environment are giving us possibilities to bring the best solutions for each-one needs.

Currently, the trend of higher self-sufficiency of Europe, and also of fresh, higher quality and local products in shops is growing very fast. And it is new technologies in agriculture, either in greenhouses, foil tunnels or vertical farms, that enable the crops in local market to be fresh all year, without chemical crop spraying, and without long-term storing.

We also see the increasing problem with water supply in our region (Slovakia a Czech Republic) and in the whole Europe. Water supply is inevitable condition for any plants to grow. We believe that the concept of drip irrigation is the best solution for sustainable plant grow as it saves water, fertilisers, increase the crop productivity and decrease costs of production.

Our company started based on demand for specific knowledge and experience on the market in our region.

We provide:

  • turnkey construction of greenhouses and foil tunnels
  • external consultancy in the area of greenhouse and foil tunnel construction, horticultural technologies
  • drip irrigation and antifreeze protection for orchards, vineyards and fields
  • sale of other products:
    • fertilizers
    • heaters
    • tanks for water storage, fertilisers storage or other liquids storage
    • irrigation system components
    • greenhouse products (Bogaerts carts, climate control systems, foils, etc.)

We are continuously developing, the same way the sector of horticulture is developing, and we get new stimulation, knowledge, experience. In the future, we also want to concentrate on other technologies that help produce crops near cities, or in the cities, using existent and unused buildings (e.g. old industrial parks)for growing specific crops in halls (indoor farming, vertical farming). This trend is very young in the world, but has a great potential for development in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Construction and consultancy

HTT s. r. o. provides turnkey projects for greenhouses and foil tunnels, as well as expert advice on the construction of greenhouses and foil tunnels from the first design to the final installation.


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Drip irrigation

Our company will prepare turnkey irrigation project, from the first calculation to the implementation of irrigation, connection and start-up. Our main partner in irrigation is Netafim, global leader in drip irrigation. We provide services and professional advisory services.


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More products

We also supply and service other products in horticulture as tanks, fertilizers, components for irrigation, technologies for greenhouses and foil tunnels and so on. New is the offer of LED growth lights.


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