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HTT s.r.o. - Horticultural Technology Trading

Professional consultant services for greenhouse construction

HTT s.r.o. started up to provide consultant services and complete solutions for greenhouse construction, especially for commercial production of various crops.
The portfolio of the company is focussed on consultant services for greenhouse construction and foil tunnels, and also on sales of other products related to production of crops in greenhouses and foil tunnels (but not limited to those). We also supply tanks for storage of manure, as well as water, and also heaters for greenhouses, foil tunnels and stalls.
HTT can also take care of the maintenance of your greenhouse technologies.


We provide professional consulting in the area of greenhouse construction from the first proposal to final installation.


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Quality solutions for storage of manure and water. We also offer covers for already existing reservoirs.


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Retail, installation and servicing of heaters for plant and animal production.


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High-quality fertilizers with controlled release of nutrients, water-soluble fertilizers for foliar feeding, effective wetting agents...


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