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Terraflex fertilizers

From the broad portfolio of products, we especially concentrate on the group of fertilizers called Terraflex. They are water-soluble fertilizers specially designed for fertilizer irrigation of vegetables, fruits and flowers grown in agricultural substrate. Terraflex optimalizes the nutrition based on the real needs of the plants. The Terraflex group of products contains several formulations for individual plants.

Terraflex fertilizers

Product  Typical values (%)    Solubility (20°C)  EC (1 g/l at 20°C)
 Terraflex T  15-8-25+3,5 MgO+TE  Tomato, Pepper  min. 200 g/l  1,34 mS/cm
 Terraflex C  17-7-21+3 MgO+TE  Cucumber, (water)Melon, Zucchini, Eggplant  min. 200 g/l  1,37 mS/cm
 Terraflex F  18-6-19+3 MgO+TE  Rose, Gerbera, Carnation,Chrysanthemum, Freesia, ...  min. 200 g/l  1,40 mS/cm
 Terraflex S   14-6-25+3,2 MgO+TE  Strawberry  min. 200 g/l  1,34 mS/cm




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