Professional consultant services for greenhouse construction

poradenstvo 02The company HTT s.r.o. provides professional consultant services in the area of greenhouse construction from the first proposal to final installation. Based on experience with proposal, projection and construction of greenhouses, we will process your initial proposal, detailed calculation, as well as final project for the construction of greenhouses designed for production of various crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, salads, etc.). Furthermore, we will oversee the realisation of the complete greenhouse building project. This process is complicated and an experienced project manager can achieve its completion without unnecessary delays or cost increase. This service is provided by our company, which cooperates with renowned suppliers in the area of greenhouse construction and latest technologies supplied for greenhouses.

What services do we offer?

  • Greenhouse draft and initial calculation
  • Final technical project of the greenhouse
  • Execution of the whole project from ground works to launch of the greenhouse operation

poradenstvo 01Why us?

  • Experience with projecting and building greenhouses (30ha of greenhouses)
  • Personal approach and professional consultant services directly on ground
  • Cooperation with important greenhouse technologies suppliers ensures innovative and tailored solutions






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